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Rise of the Haugenberrys by Zach Boddicker - Paperback


It's an age-old tale, really. You're lounging at your favorite Denver dive bar, and from the tiny stage two seven-foot country-boy brothers start crooning a Gordon Lightfoot song, the blood harmony dripping from the stage like a tipped pot of golden honey. Then, naturally, minutes later, they're on the floor in a feverish bout of Greco-Roman grappling. So begins the saga of the Haugenberrys, a singular, destined, and doomed musical act that attracts an oddball troupe of wild and endearing characters as they aid the big brothers in their ascent towards stardom.

ZACH BODDICKER has been in my living room, where we have played country songs and discussed the strategies for cleaning one's ears.

RISE OF THE HAUGENBERRYS is Zach's second novel. His first being THE ESSENTIAL CARL MAHOGANY, which was excellent and will soon be available from this store.

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