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Why does Daisy Dog Press exist? Because the vast, vast majority of publishers are either too commercial or too incompetent (or too much of both) for authors like me (and my friends).

In 2022, ten years and four listless publishers into this endeavor, I said goodbye to the unfulfilled promises, half-assed editing, months-long delays, mediocre cover art, piss-poor promotion, and artistic incuriousity.

Making books is way easier than it looks. Instead of waiting 18 months for a publisher to release a novel, I can knock one out in a couple of months.

Turns out, the real work is in writing the books. Who woulda thunk?

I've now got a standing offer to anyone who's ever been in my living room:

If you've written a novel, and if you're not sure how to get it in print, I'll help you knock it out: editing, cover, formating, finding a place to print it. It'll get it done quickly, for free, and it'll look nice.

I give Daisy Dog books just as much promotion as the typical indie publisher, which is vitually none. The difference is that I state this up front rather than feed the author a heap of inflatable bullshit and then, two days before the release day, saying "By the way, I didn't do fuck-all. Good luck out there."

I'm not entirely sure why writers write, but I do know that, while the process can be difficult and lonely, it's also one of life's most fulfilling endeavors.

I see no reason why the creation of the book itself should any less fulfilling.

Thanks for hanging with us.