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Dog Christ by Lucian Morgan - Paperback


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The author describes Dog Christ thusly: A comic novel. A satirical fantasy. Mostly funny. A little sad here and there. Greed, vanity, murder. Love, faith, bad parenting. Some verse. Dogs. An easy read. Quite short.

Daisy Dog Press describes it as an incredible novel. Really.

LUCIAN MORGAN has not been in my living room, and would therefore be ineligible to publish with Daisy Dog Press, but for two things.

1) In 2011, Lucian was one of three finalists for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, as was I. We first met at a big, awkward group dinner after Amazon had flown all the finalists to Seattle for the grand prize announcement. After all the Amazon/Kindle/Penguin people had made their speeches, and after we'd had a handful of drinks, Lucian turned to me and said, "Do you think they have any idea of what they're doing to us?" We left the dinner as soon as we could and headed directly to a nearby bar where we drank absinthe and tried to understand what the hell we'd gotten ourselves into. We've been friends ever since.

2) I have been in Lucian's living room, in Phoenix, where I watched him cook and feed a steak to his dog.

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